Fleet Rules

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Fleet Rules

Post by T'Lora on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:16 am

In order to provide a relaxed and fun environment for our members, there are certain rules that must be followed by all members and officers.

Any member violating these rules is subject to loss of rank or removal from the fleet.

1) Show a certain level of respect to your fellow fleet members.

2) No excessive swearing in the fleet chat, and throw religion and politics out the airlock, no one wants to see that.

3) Do not deposit anything below green quality in the fleet bank, if you do, the items will either be discarded or sent back to you.

4) Do not take items from the fleet bank for the sake of it. Only take something if you need it.

5) When you remove an item from the fleet bank, try to deposit something of equal value, or the item's Energy Credit value shown in the tooltip.

6) When interacting with non-fleet members (such as pick up groups), remember you are representing our entire fleet.

7) Do not spam items in the Fleet/Armada chat channels.

8) Please only speak English in the Fleet/Armada chat channels.

9) Last, but certainly not least, try to have fun.

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