An introduction to fleets in Star Trek Online

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An introduction to fleets in Star Trek Online

Post by T'Lora on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:04 am

An Introduction to Fleets

I have made this post to explain a bit about fleets and how they work to those who are new to them, or new to STO in general.

What is a Fleet?
A fleet in Star Trek Online is a group of players that have banded together. Fleets have a standard command structure and management tools commonly found in other MMO's for guilds.

There are a few advantages to being in a fleet, including access to some of the best available gear in the game (fleet gear), having a group of friends to run PVE's (STF's) with, weekly/monthly events and so much more!

Fleet Menu:
To access the fleet menu, press CTRL+G, or click on the starfleet icon on the bottom-right of your minimap.

The fleet menu should look similar to this:

The fleet menu is what you will need to use if you wish to donate to fleet projects, view the roster, check if there are any events coming up, and more.

Fleet projects:
We encourage all members to donate what they can to fleet projects. It is not mandatory but would be much appreciated. Contributing to fleet projects gains you a few advantages such as earning fleet credits, which can then be used to buy fleet gear from our provisioned stores. To advance your rank within the fleet, you will need to contribute to projects.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask around in the fleet chat or on our forums.

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